Do Netizens Know You? Importance of Web Presence

In today’s market, you have to be known offline and online so netizens know you. Offline means physically and online means on the web. On the web, you can reach a lot of people from all parts of the world that’s why web presence is exceptionally important for companies. The more people see you online the more they will remember you. You can greet them, inform them about your company, and even sell your product online.

There are different ways on how you can have web presence.

  • Develop a Website. This is where everything about your company should be. Products or services, contact information, company background, vision, mission, and more. A website gives credibility and a good impression to a company.
  • Create a Social Media account. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the most popular social media sites you can use. Social Media has billions of users around the world therefore almost all of the companies have an account to reach their customers.
  • Upload on Youtube. Youtube is also a powerful website. You can upload videos and gain a lot of viewers. Post videos about your products, services, or company events. Show people how happy it is to work on your company.
  • Be on Google Map. What if people want to visit your company? How will they know how to get there? Most people use Google Map. It is the fastest way to know the location of anything. So if you want to be searched, pin your location.

After doing all these, it is not the end. Yes, you have a website, social media account, uploaded videos and you’re on the map. But every day, everyone is updating everything. They will be on top. You have to do the same. Update your website by making blogs every week. Post on your social media account every day. Upload videos regularly if you can. Now, netizens will acknowledge your web presence.


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