The Briefing Night – Sage Solutions Philippines Event

Last Tuesday, August 15, our event, The Briefing Night, was a great success with the coordination and assistance of Sage Solutions team. We are grateful for having an exceptional team!


briefing night 1



We are very thankful as well for everyone who attended the event. Interested businessmen who attended gained knowledge from Emerson Santos, the CEO of Sage Solutions Philippines. He discussed the processes and benefits of the programs that Sage has. How a small business can incredibly develop into an IPO.




briefing night 2

Raymond Lim, the CFO of Sage Solutions Philippines and a High Impact Trainer, talked about the responsibilities of Sage. How we can help small and medium businesses to increase sales and grow. Sage Solutions will have a deep study of a business’ problem, know its factors and work out how to solve those.





Then business owners got to meet and talk to each other andbriefing night 3 the speakers. Talked about meetings, consultations and more. Indeed, everyone had aneffective and fun night. We’re looking forward to our next event this coming September. Hope to see new faces and possibilities. Sage Solutions Philippines is here to provide business solutions for you.





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