Source of Funds (What's yorur source?)

Source of Funds

It is very important for a company to have source of funds. This is to compensate every employee and to buy anything needed for your business. There are different sources of funds you can tap. Here are some of it.

  1. Savings – You can use first your savings. This saves you from the hassle of looking for funds, submitting different documents and talking to different people. Just make sure you have enough to last and earn revenue.
  2. Relatives and friends – Talk to your good hearted relatives and friends. They will let you use their money because they trust you. Plus, you can introduce them as investors on your company.
  3. Loans – If you only need cash to survive for a few months, you can try loaning. There are banks, organizations or companies who offer that kind of service. Prepare all the needed documents for that.
  4. Venture Capital – This is also a possible solution though there are some downsides. The investors will have a say in your company. The usually get the equity of the company.
  5. X deal – Doing this can also help in saving money. Try to exchange goods or services. Study anything you can offer in exchange of something from someone you need.
  6. Partnership – One partner can do the operation and services and the other can provide funds for the continuation of the company.


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