1.1 Agreement

You agree that by clicking the “Register” button, you are agreeing to share your information to us, attend our event and pay the necessary fees. If you do not agree to this agreement, do not click “Register”, but you may still access our Facebook page.

1.2 Clients

When you register, it means you automatically become a sure participant to our event and you are allowing us to send you email/alerts. If you have chosen not to register, you may still follow our Facebook page and be notified to our future events and announcements. You may also unfollow anytime you want to.

1.3 Services

To register and avail the ticket to this event, you agree that:

(1) you must be a business-owner or working to a business company;

(2) your Facebook account must be legit and valid; and

(3) you are not already restricted by Facebook from using the Services.

1.4 Account

Since you agree to share us your contact information, it will stay between you and our company only. Our company is responsible in keeping your data safe and secured.

1.5 Payment

If you register, you agree to pay us the necessary fees. You must settle your payment first before you can avail the ticket to this particular event. We do not allow refunds except if the event will be cancelled. In line with this, you may pay through

(1)cash bank deposits;

(2)checks; or

(3) during the event itself. You may deposit your payments to UCPB No. 20158-000469-6.