The World of a Business Management Consultant

The World of a Business Management Consultant

There are assumptions that many start-up companies have about consultation services.

It seems as though there is a stigma that business management consultants are only utilized by large-scale established firms.

The simple truth, however, is that business management consultancy can prove to significantly improve efficiency levels of any organization, regardless of size and nature.

Consultancy firms are experts in gathering crucial information and providing high-quality and professionally-informed advice on several systemic fronts. The end goal is always to maximize a company’s full potentials.

Management consultancy can be defined as the profession that aims to help organizations in improving their operations and work output through a series of hands-on analysis of problems and providing the best approaches to solving them. It is at this point that business management consultants focus on further developmental projects.

The Market is Always In-Flux

The Market is Always In-Flux

There are many factors that go into market fluctuations.

If a company is not prepared to ride the tides of change, they are most likely to fall behind their competitors and lack sustainable business growth.

The new waves of information technology ingenuity, the increasing tightness of environmental regulations along with lowering levels of market shares are some of the external accelerators that push companies towards changing currents.

Business management consultants are excellent assets that guide an organization through these rapid transitions.

Ultimately, management consultancy teaches a company to adapt to the market while simultaneously gaining new and effective tools for development.

Honest Information is The Key to Success

When it comes to any organization, long-term progress is always the priority in order to move forward.

Gauging where a company is headed is one of the trickiest tasks that require an experienced eye in scrutiny. A business management consultant aims to achieve these major goals through you with critical research and not shaky assumptions.

Sample Business Problems and Advising Points

Sample Business Problems and Advising Points
  • Would it be ideal to enter into a merger? Would the greater whole and sectoral subparts be subsidized?
  • New competitors are about to enter my company’s market in the following years. How do I develop a secure strategy in order to preserve and still develop my firm’s place in the market?
  • The marketing department is spending too much money. How do I lower costs while making sure performance levels in correlation with sales do not decrease?
  • How do I go about constructing a warehouse that serves as data repository? All the files are spread across company laptops; what method can we develop for enhancing data warehousing?
  • What launch or entry strategy can we develop in order to introduce my product and company to China, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc.?
  • Employees in my company are very much dissatisfied with the currently used performance and management subsidiary process. How do we improve the system in order to foster happier employees and boost performance numbers? Is there a way to increase the means for more effective feedback systems?
  • Is my company in search of other potential offshore sites? How do I decide on which are the most profitable choices, given our current stats?
  • My organization has had the same visual branding image, logo, vision & mission statement for over 40 years at this point. The world is evidently moving in a wide array of different directions. The company has survived through adaptive growth throughout its existence, but it needs a complete makeover in terms of all branding and image aspects. How can I go about transforming the company as a whole?
  • Starting with emails, the business world has kept moving forward in digitization. Now there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. How can my company secure the digital promotions of the future? And how do I navigate the company’s way on the information technology roadmap?

Roles and Benefits of Hiring a Management Consultant

Roles and Benefits of Hiring a Management Consultant

For us to have a better look at all the encompassing aspects of how business management consultants can play a role in organizations, let’s take a look at the functional importance of consultancy:


Financial Planning and Accounting

It would be very much ideal for even smaller-scale firms to accountants for tax matters. It also correlates that business owners turn to their trusted accountants first when it comes to financial advice.

Financial consultants are experts when it comes to troubleshooting issues when it comes to profit margins. The most proficient consultants ultimately thrive in problematic situations.

Problem Solving

Many business leaders depend on the advice of professional troubleshooting. A consultant can be faced with the task of finding concrete answers on how to improve employee productivity through a case-by-case analysis.

Consultants are equipped to deal with small subtle problems as well as major issues; and possible correlation and/or causality.

Providing Marketing Advice

Marketing guidance is ideally handled by smaller consultancy firms because larger management firms retain specialists in the field of marketing, while smaller firms are eclectically versed with spectrums of business topics.

Facilitating Company Status

Small management consultation experts as well as larger-scale ones primarily run full-scale diagnostic services for companies that are looking to do a thorough performance monitoring.



Business management consultants are by default extremely strict with regards to their clientele’s private information because leaking sensitive business information would breach standard contract clauses and would simply tarnish a consultancy firm’s overall reputation.

Hands-On Solutions

A purely theoretical analysis is never enough to overcome major business problems.

Business management consultants thoroughly and meticulously examine a company’s numbers and operational variables, but more importantly, have the experience and training to deal with situations directly and effectively in order to maximize a client’s return of investment.

Professional Management Guidance

Arguably the most crucial benefit of hiring a business management consultant is that their advisory services are ultimately going to help a company have the best management possible in order to fully realize and move towards maximum potentials as a business.


Strategic Planning

When it comes to business affairs, planning should be strongly geared towards the direction of an organization’s desired long-term goals. The current state of a company is the core benchmark for securing movement. Strategic planning is directed towards a preliminary diagnosis.

Improvised Business Process

Examination of the entire work process is the main crux of improving a company’s performance. Business management consultancy shifts periodization to the most optimal levels. The required measures to take are possibly going to cost more, but the long-term profitability margins would be incremental.

Change Management

Constant adaptation to factors like frequent budget changes, an erratic workforce blueprint, rapidly advancing means of technology. Business management consultants can aid in meeting these future challenges in a way that reduces costs in a plethora of levels.

Leadership Development

There is no denying the simple fact that efficient and effective leadership within an organization can boost every aspect of a company to thrive amidst any given scenario.

A person in a leadership or management position is somebody that can strike strong sense of purpose towards his or her subordinates as well as same-level colleagues. The motivation that goes on here; the will to make the most of working conditions and meaningful tea spirit is the oil that moves company progress.

Human Resources

This is arguably one of the most vital and life-sustaining aspects of any company or organization.

Affairs pertaining to Human Resource matters are critical because they directly deal with the employees themselves. The recruitment process is firmly intertwined with the health of all internal affairs.

Types of Management Consulting Jobs

Types of Management Consulting Jobs

At the very core spirit of a business management consultant, there is the vocation to help an organization with every endeavor for the primary purpose of elevating levels of efficiency.

Simple yet slippery aspects such as reducing the different budget expenditures that are adjacent to overhead costs. The expansion of an organization is another aspect that requires the professional sentiments of a highly-reputable constancy firm.

Employee performance rates and marketing matters such as launching different strategies as to expanding footprints in the market in juncture to product pricing, all depend on a specific consultancy field to do a proper inspection.

Listed below are the most common jobs in management consulting here in the Philippines.

Information Technology Consulting

In the most general sense, these management consultants deal with anything that has to do with technology.

The consultation that transpires in this arena is centrally rooted in repository valves such as the digital storage of company data. These consultants would do the main planning when it comes to building data warehousing while facilitating data review processes.

The right operational systems that the entire company and all the employees run on are developed, maintained, and improved by the expertise of information technology consultancy.


Although the term ‘operations’ is broad, this particular type of consultation specifically pertains to matters that pertain to a company’s manufacturing process.

For example, a company might feel the need to lower assembly line defects by a certain amount within a certain timeframe.

A large corporate organization like a call center might have a strong inclination towards improving operations by reducing the waiting time of a call to less than 1 minute in order to gain approximately 10% of improvement rates in call-abandonment.

Human Resources

An organization’s employees are the blood that keeps a company’s pulse going.

Aside from the vital formalities concerning personnel, human resource consultants facilitate policies and formulate systems that boost performance management procedurals.

Seemingly simple things such as feedback methods, appraisal, rewards and recognition structures can all make direct impacts on enhancing incentives means for compensation and overall smoothness of workflow.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is the field where promotional channels make their way.

An organization would greatly benefit from marketing management consultants by putting into account the perspectives they can provide as to how the marketing team should operate, how to boost market reach and convert into sales, how to track consumer effectiveness, etc.

Real Estate Consultancy

These consultants assist with matters concerning property, property value, tax compliances—anything that concerns land such as movement and renovations on company housing properties.

Boutique Consultancy Firms

These ‘small shop’ consultancy firms are those that serve a specific and limited clientele field.

Engineering consulting can be utilized in a city’s new project to build a bridge or a factory that needs to construct an engine in order to enhance the assembly line.

Design consulting assists with the aesthetic as well as some aspects of a product’s general functionality.

Pharma consulting helps with strategizing the launch of new products on the medicine and drug market.

Petro consulting guides in projects that require drilling sites, oil reserves, and other highly industrial work.

Careers in Business Management Consultancy

Careers in Business Management Consultancy

The main responsibilities of a business consultant in the Philippines are to conduct full research and collect sufficient amounts of data in order to get a deeper understanding of a company, make analyses, identify issues, manage projects, present proposals, lead and manage teams, interview employees, etc.


Ideal qualifications in the following fields:

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Engineering


  • Analytical Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Team-Oriented Nature
  • The ability to Work with High-Pressure Situations
  • Strong Awareness and Understanding of the Business World


  • Generalist
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Information Technology Consultancy
  • Human Resource Consultant
  • Outsourcing Consultancy
  • Niche Consultancy Firms

Industries and Sectors

  • Educational Institutions
  • Charities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Government and Public Sectors
  • Retail

The Excellence of Sage Solutions

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