Common Advice from Business Consultants

The Most Common Advice Given by Business Consultants in the Philippines

What is the most common advice given by business management consultants in the Philippines?

  1. Communication is Key
  2. Analyze your Workforce
  3. Develop a Performance Metric
  4. Prepare for a Slow but Steady Transition


Companies and Businesses do not look for the help of consultants because of a simple problem. Business consultants in the Philippines are usually contacted when a business has an issue that is not solvable through their means.

With that being said, it is important to remember that when you hire a business consultant, their primary duty is only to give you advice on how you solve your problem. They are not there to solve it on their own. Most of the time, they will only provide you with suggestions, a detailed plan on how you can go about solving your problem and solving it will fall into your hands.

The issues that businesses encounter is usually unique to them or to their industry. Ultimately, the core of their advice can be simplified into 4 suggestions:

Communication is Key

Communication is Key

Sometimes, you may assume that your business is having a very technical problem. You blame the technicalities of your software, the complexity of workflows, and even a loss of information. However, your issue might be as simple as lacking an effective communication network.

Communication is a vital aspect of any company as it enables people to do their work. A lack of communication can lead to a variety of problems including misunderstandings, missing or wrong information, confusion about work, and the list goes on.

How the people in a business communicate is one of the first things a business consultant in the Philippines tries to observe. In a communication network, a simple misunderstanding can have a ripple effect on the whole company.

Some consultants find that making the communication network of a company as efficient and as fool-proof as possible makes it easier to identify and solve other problems in a business if there are any.

Analyze Your Workforce

Analyze your Workforce

You may have the latest technologies to make your work easy for your employees, but one of your supervisors is a straight up tyrant ruling over them. You may have 5 amazingly talented employees, but you have 35 lazy ones. No matter how good your way of managing your business is, when your workforce lags behind, everything does as well.

Your workforce is the blood that makes everything else work. Business consultants will try to observe the work ethic of all of your employees, including those in the supervisorial and managerial level. And since these consultants have exposure to other organizations, they are capable of comparing performance, or more importantly, attitude within the company.

Enabling your workforce to be as effective as can be is one way of solving issues, particularly in performance and productivity.

Deliver a Performance Metric

Develop a Performance Metric

When you’re experiencing a problem regarding data integrity or low performance or productivity while you are fully aware of how good your team is, then it might just be a problem with documentation.

Developing a metric to measure the performance and productivity of your business is a solution for business who value data quality. To have a system in which monitoring the progress of a project to a detailed level will be effective in increasing awareness throughout the organization.

This can also help in project prioritization. Being aware of the progress reports of projects and performance reports of employees will help in delegating tasks, prioritizing projects, and even in identifying what training needs to be provided.

Prepare for a Slow but Steady Transition

Prepare for a Slow but Steady Transition

The job of business consultants is to provide solutions to the issues of a business. as mentioned above, they can only give advice and the implementation is entirely in the hands of the client.

The solutions that business consultants suggest aren’t magically going to solve all the problems instantly. Changing the system of doing something will have a negative effect on the company, just because of the chaos and confusion that it might ensue. It will take time. most of these solutions will introduce a number of subtle changes that add up as time goes on, and business consultants will say that you should take all the time you need when implementing these changes.

The plan that a business consultant will develop will also be open to changes, adapting to all the issues that you may encounter on your way to fixing the problems of your company. Progress is slow, but everything will work out in the end.


Key Takeaway

These are just 4 of the most common advice that business consultants give to their clients. However, that doesn’t mean that they are the solution to every problem that you encounter.

Consider the broadness of any industry and you will find out that a general solution won’t work for a specific problem. When you have that kind of issue, don’t just settle for some simple advice. Ask the professionals for help instead.

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