6 Career Paths for Aspiring Business Consultants in the Philippines

6 Career Paths for Aspiring Business Consultants in the Philippines

What are some of the main career options that potential business consultants can pursue?

  1. Auditor
  2. Budget Analyst
  3. Cost Estimator
  4. Market Research Analyst
  5. Survey Researchers
  6. Management Consultants


In this day and age, regardless of the size and scope of a company, virtually all types of organizations can benefit greatly from the impeccable skills and services of business consultants here in the Philippines. When it comes to the educational backgrounds of a business consultant, the most common fields in bachelor’s and master’s degrees are those that generally relate to business, psychology, accounting, and all that relates to these.

Those who decide to work in the field of business or corporate consultancy are open to several diverse opportunities that would depend upon their particular area of expertise or focus. Let’s take a deeper look into what goes into the specializations of these career paths:



The workload of an auditor generally includes preparing and examining financial records, making sure that all financial documentation is of utmost accuracy, the assessment of financial operations and implanting methods and approaches as to make it run more smoothly, and adhering to new laws that have influence on taxes and other types of payments.

An auditor is definitely an integral figure in any company or business operation. This person is appointed by a firm or company to execute regulatory audits. The objective of an audit or financial statement is to express an opinion on all things concerning a business’s material respects, financial position, results of operations, and the cash flows in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.


Budget Analyst

This type of analyst is primarily in charge of looking over a company’s expense reports, receipts, payments, inventory lists, and making sure that a company is operating at its peak financial performance. Budget analysts prepare a report for the various areas of a business and are constantly in the process of finding ways in which spending can be curtailed and optimized to its fullest budgetary potential.

A budget analyst is able to work in a number of industries with both small and large companies. Besides corporate settings, these consultancy positions can also be found with financial firms, health care providers, educational institutions, government agencies, and many more.

Cost Estimator 

Cost Estimator

If a company feels the need to construct and establish a new building, expand a certain department, or allocate a large amount of money into the pursuit and implementation of a project, the work of a cost estimator is to make sure of the best financial moves that would be most advantageous.

They work towards estimating the time, money, materials, and personnel required for the completion of a project and to deliver a final budget plan to their clients. Cost estimators mostly work in offices, but in certain cases, they also visit construction sites and assembly lines as on-field work.


Market Research Analyst

These are individuals who work directly with certain services and products, exploring the specific market platforms and gauging what the most optimal price points may be for those services and products. The research that they gather ultimately informs companies as to what people are buying, who is buying, and at what prices they are willing to pay.

A market research analyst is in charge of preparing investigative reports on the securities or assets for either in-house or client use. In other words, the work that is conducted by these research analysts is primarily an effort to examine, identify, or revise facts, principles, and theories for internal use by a financial institution or an external financial client.

 Survey Researchers

Survey Researchers

These are researchers who create surveys that concentrate on a specific product, brand, or service. They then find the most fitting audience to take those surveys and provide answers. After all the data has been gathered, these answers are compiled and analyzed into reports that are intended to inform businesses and organizations of what could be their next innovation or strategic change to be implemented.


Management Consultants

Management consultants are also known as management analysts. These are individuals who directly delve into all the aspects of an organization to identify and accurately determine where changes should be made that lead to a healthier, stronger, and more developmental company. The changes may fall anywhere from finance, operations, personnel, and many more.

The practice of management consultancy is solely geared towards providing assistance as to guide organizations in improving their performance –through an analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for enhancement.


Key Takeaway

Consultancy jobs are needed for both small and large-sized companies. When it comes to the career ranges of business consultants here in the Philippines, there is a multitude of paths and specific fields that you can choose to grow in as an individual in consultancy.

All these potential career paths are vital aspects that come into play within any company or business. But the most important factor to put into consideration when selecting a consultancy position is your area of expertise.

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