How You Can Earn a Six-figure Salary Working as a Business Consultant in the Philippines

How You Can Earn a Six-figure Salary Working as a Business Consultant in the Philippines

How can you earn a six-figure salary working as a business consultant in the Philippines?

  1. Find or create a niche for yourself
  2. Build a foundation and social proof
  3. Start by doing business with local companies
  4. Leverage your first few clients for growth


In an economy that is steadily being driven largely by technology, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for people with specialized skill-sets. Because of this, becoming a business consultant here in the Philippines can be one of the smartest decisions you can make due to the high earning potential and flexibility of the business.

When you become a business consultant, you can start small and over time, as both your network and experience grow, you can expand the number of clients you have as quick or as slow as you want. There are a lot of in-demand niches that are in need of consulting, but as long as you can add value, you can be a consultant on almost anything. It is important to point out, though, that the idea of “adding value” entirely depends on your client.

You don’t need to be the best in anything in order to become a consultant, you just have to help someone do something they can’t do on their own. If you ever want to get into the industry that provides specialized help, here’s how you can earn a six-figure salary working as a business consultant here in the Philippines:

Find or Create a Niche for Yourself

Find or Create a Niche for Yourself

 Before you begin on your journey as a consultant, you must first ask yourself the question “What can I personally offer my clients in relation to my area of expertise?” Once you have established your main area of consulting such as personal, career, or in this case, business, you can then focus on a niche within that area to build your knowledge in that subject matter.

Once you have the reputation as an expert in a particular niche, people will tend to seek you out. This will help you become a business consultant that is in-demand within a targeted population who are looking for the kind of expertise that only you can offer.

In order to find out what your niches are, start out by identifying something that you are motivated to talk about or what your passions are. If there was something in your past which has helped you become the person you are today, bring it back once again because it may just be the niche area you can offer expert advice on.

Establishing a niche you can be an expert in will help you stand out from your competition and may just lead you to generate a progressively increasing revenue over time.


Build a Foundation and Social Proof

Having a strong foundation means having a presence in social media, your email list, and your own website. By building a strong foundation of your own, you will have somewhere you can send the department heads and HR managers and let them know that you are an expert and you know what you are talking about.

You probably do not want to overwhelm your first few clients so your website should not be too cluttered. It should not have too many pages and each page should not have too much information. Your clients are more likely to invest their money and time into something that they are going to understand, which is why your social proof and foundation should be practical.


Start by Doing Business with Local Companies

When you start your career as a business consultant, you are probably not going to get booked doing consulting work in companies like Apple, Google, and other large companies. Chances are, you are going to get your feet wet by doing business with small, local companies.

Starting local gives you the opportunity to talk with a decision maker that can write your first few checks. Also, when it comes to critical decisions, local companies tend to move more slowly. For example, if you are a business consultant who is focused on digital or online marketing, you can have the chance to do a lot of work because local businesses are more likely to rely on traditional forms of marketing.

Remember, there is probably a local business that could use your help no matter what your expertise is.

 Leverage Your First Few Clients for Growth

Leverage Your First Few Clients for Growth

The hardest part of earning a six-figure salary as a business consultant will probably be signing your first company. Once you find that first one, however, it is going to be much easier to get a second one because you can now use that first company as leverage. Focus on building a local presence and watch as those referrals come in.

When you gain some experience with your first few consulting jobs, you can then focus on doing business with larger companies.


Key Takeaway

Becoming a business consultant in the Philippines, or wherever for that matter is hard work. It requires you to have the desire to help others achieve their full potential, mentor people towards a particular goal, and motivate others.

You can then leverage your passion and expertise in coaching into generating a sustainable stream of income with the help of the strategies mentioned above.


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