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Target Locked – Target Market

For every business you have to know who will be your possible customers and target them. Target Market is important so there will be no wasted efforts in marketing your product or service. There are things to know how to get your target locked. Here are some ways.

What is the problem?

First, you have to know what is the problem that you want to solve using your product or service. Once you know the problem, start to search who are the possible persons who most likely suffer from this problem. They will be your Target Market.

Who are they?

Who is your Target Market? There are different types of people that would want your product or service. You have to know them to make sure you are aiming the right customers. Now that we know who suffers from the problem, let us study who they are. The details about your market are important such as their gender, age, status, job, location, and more. In this way, you can be more specific to whom you will advertise more.

Reach them.

Think of the most effective way how you can reach your market. There are many potential ways you can reach them to advertise. Social Media is the most popular these days. Using different kinds of social  media websites or apps, you can target who most probably will buy your product or service. Sending text messages is also a great idea to make sure that your potential customer will receive your advertisement. Email is an option as well though not so many people open their email nowadays since there are faster communication medium people can use. Public advertisements like billboards, TV and radio commercials, tarpaulins, etc. are also a great way however these are more expensive.

Once you know every information that you need, you can now start strategizing the steps you need to do to get you target locked.


Reference: Marketing Donut; Six steps to defining your target market

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