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What’s your name? Choosing the right business name.

What’s your name? A name is very important. It identifies you from other people. It’s more important for a business since this is the first thing a customer should remember. You can make different names that are already informative so people know instantly what your business is. Use your imagination. Create a name that you just made up which makes it (sometimes) more memorable.

People prefer words they can understand so it might be better for you to make a business name that is relatable. It is better not to use numbers or initials instead use words that explain what your business is.

Common risk that some entrepreneurs are using is the location name. For example, “Manila Noodle Restaurant”. Nice restaurant name but what if you want to branch out in Tagaytay? What if you decided to serve other dishes than noodles? What if you want to serve burgers or rice meals?

Here are some tips that might help you in making up your business name:

  • Select a name that attracts the customers and you as well.
  • Select a familiar name that may bring good memories.
  • Don’t use a long and confusing name.

You can use existing words and play with its spelling. You can cut the word in half. For example, Delici from the word delicious. Or change some letters of the word. For example, Toy Store to Toi Store. This will create an impact to your potential customers since your business name is catchy and familiar at the same time.

Once you have made up a name for your business, make sure your business name is not trademarked yet. This could avoid you from spending a lot of money if something wrong happens.

Your business name is your first step in building a strong company identification, one that should continue as long as you’re in business.



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